How to build an ad agency career

How to build an ad agency career

Most people start their advertising career without having a complete picture of what it actually entails.
A career in advertising is seldom driven by studying for a corporate profession. It’s usually driven by passion, personality, and leaving a legacy. Building it from scratch is challenging and not for the fainthearted.
Working in the industry can be quite intense for a vast number of people. It is an industry that is very deadline-driven and extremely cut-throat.


The advertising industry offers specialized schools for those willing to enter the workplace using their academic qualifications.

The most prominent schools include the AAA School of Advertising, Vega Brand Communications School, Red & Yellow Creative School of Business, AFDA, City Varsity, and IMM Graduate School.  

Starting the journey  

Most professionals I’ve engaged with over the years have a fascinating story of how they first entered the advertising industry. They range from being headhunted, destiny, connections, or simply being inquisitive.
As soon as they managed to get their foot in the door, most thrived in their career journey while others felt it was not for them and left.  
The trick to having staying power in the advertising industry and firmly placing yourself is resilience.

Bontle Moeng.
Is a Digital Account Manager at Motherboard.
She writes in her personal capacity.