Next Brave Action in Creative Leadership  

The South African Advertising industry has gone through a major transition over the last year.
As a result, a new wave of creative leaders has emerged to unleash unique and fearless ideas to respond to the current global challenge we are all facing.
Leaders have been forced to create work that truly engages, inspires, and is well considered. A shift in thinking now has to be applied throughout the creative process in order to deliver truly impactful work.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic gripped the world, no one really knows what will happen next. Thus, we have to ask ourselves – what will be the Next Brave Action? One of the answers to this question is the emergence and leveraging of strong digital capabilities, which have turned traditional advertising on its head.

Our responsibility as leaders in this industry is to steer creative teams in the right direction, optimize resources and push for fresh and relevant ideas to help our clients respond to the current state of affairs. A true inspiration and hard work in this sense not only result in sustained financial health for agencies but also inspire clients to trust us when it matters most.

It is not only advisable but rather necessary for us to start producing smart and emotional insights by leveraging hard data derived from consumers’ digital activities. Online platforms have now become the source to which we must all look in order to really understand how people are behaving and thinking.

True creative leaders inspire their teams to embrace change. It is no longer enough to lean towards the traditional way we have been doing things. Multifaceted creatives will survive in this new world and those who aren’t will be quickly left behind.

Our latest TVC which leads the Forces of Momentum campaign teaches us that with the right advice, small steps can lead to giant achievements. It is essential that creative leaders apply this mindset in order to guide teams and clients towards truly realizing their true potential in this new world.

The realization of this potential won’t always be easy, but only those willing to commit to the process will reap the rewards. Brilliant basics have never been more important in the business planning process.

There has never been a more exciting time to be in advertising. Let us, therefore, challenge one another to produce work that not only ignites our passion but also proves to clients that we have a crop of leaders and teams who can deliver even under the most uncertain circumstances. The future of our agency and industry literally depends on it.

To Our Own Very Next Brave Action!

Karabo Songo – Brave Group CEO