AD-Corner @Brave Group

AD-Corner @Brave Group

Advertising Leaders and Entrepreneurs

South Africa’s advertising industry has been shaped by a number of entrepreneurs professionals, thinkers, creatives and visionaries to be what it is today. 

It is their energy and vision coupled by sheer hard work that have resulted in the vibrant industry we currently enjoy working in. 

The advertising industry has undergone an interesting journey from the popular founding fathers of some of the biggest ad agencies; some existing for over a 100 years, to the innovative entrepreneurs, who are more agile and continue to inject new ideas into this fast-paced industry.

A number of high-profile individuals have moulded our country’s thinking about advertising, marketing and communications. These days most individuals speak about entrepreneurship and sustainability.  

But what does it all mean and how best can advertising leaders leverage the new trends?

Since COVID-19 disrupted the global workflow and economy, the advertising industry, like most industries, suffered severe consequences. It had a knock-on effect on business models and future plans.

Despite everything that has happened, the advertising industry remains extremely dynamic, fast-paced and characterised by constant change.

There is no room for complacency or mediocrity.

The willingness and ability to evolve is a must for all sectors of the economy that plan to maintain a presence into the future.

The good news is that most innovative thinkers, creatives and entrepreneurs are confronting all economic challenges head-on. 

They are ensuring that we don’t lag behind other global players.

As we continue to build and grow the advertising industry, we also need to ensure that we keep track of the latest trends and mentor future leaders.

Bontle Moeng.
Is a Digital Account Manager at Motherboard.
She writes in her personal capacity.