AD-Corner @Brave Group

AD-Corner @Brave Group

My advertising industry journey

As we are about to close off the year 2020 and I’m new at the agency, I thought it will be a great idea to introduce myself to the Brave Group family.

Who are you and where did you grow up?

I’m Bontle Moeng, I belong to the Tswana clan known as Bahurutshe, born in Rockville Soweto but grew up in rural KZN. I came back to Johannesburg in order to begin my school career.

What did you want to be while growing up?

I’ve always wanted to be in the media industry. I never really picked a specific role. I studied at Midrand Graduate Institute and while I was there, I was exposed to the wonderful world of online media. I worked for about 6 years till one day I decided to go study at the AAA School of Advertising. That’s how I discovered the agency world. Prior to that, I had no idea how ads end up on our TV screens.

How did you end up working for advertising agencies?

By chance. I was at Sandton City Mall walking out of a cinema and an old childhood friend called me and asked if I would be keen to join an agency. I was fairly young at that time and decided to try it out.

I started off by working with creatives in a mini studio. There were all web developers and my role as content management. I loved the vibe so much that a few years later I moved into a social media community management role.

How did you end up in an account management role?

While working in an agency studio, some of the creatives used to complain that they were receiving badly written briefs. I then volunteered to write briefs on their behalf. A month later my former boss walked into the agency in a fairly happy mood and told me I’m being moved into account management. I objected as Finance was not my strength. His response was – you will learn the tricks of the trade. I’ve never looked back since then.

Bontle Moeng.
Is a Digital Account Manager at Motherboard.
She writes in her personal capacity.