AD-Corner @Brave Group

AD-Corner @Brave Group

Most Popular Brands across Africa

The African continent has some of the world’s most popular brands ranking high on its list.
Top of the list is the Nike brand, which has been dominating the first position for several years.
Over the years, it has managed to assess its competitor landscape in order to ensure that it remains ahead of the game at all times. In addition, it’s been considered as one of the best companies to craft your skills in formulating marketing strategies.

Game Changers

The most popular brands across Africa are announced annually by leading insights, surveys, and research companies on various media publications.
What do these brand rankings mean for the advertising industry?
Why should we take note of them?

Well, firstly we are in the business of offering strategic and creative solutions for various brands. It is our mandate to solve their business challenges whilst generating revenue.

Brand Value

Brands have a great influence on consumer behavior and can assist the potential target market to make their final purchasing decision.

As technology and sports brands remain popular, we also have a dominant South African telecoms player – MTN.
The company has been ranked in the Top 5 most popular brand for nearly 10 years.
It is evident that the most popular brands tend to emerge from the Sports and Fitness, Electronic Devices, Beverages, and Telecommunications categories.
It will be interesting to observe if Nike will remain in the top position as Africa’s most popular brand in 2021 and into the future.

Bontle Moeng.
Is a Digital Account Manager at Motherboard.
She writes in her personal capacity.