My new-found love for Advertising

My new-found love for Advertising

The day I found out I was totally in love with Advertising was when things fell apart.
I was doing everything by the book – scheduling work, meeting deadlines, pre-planning, delegating, scoping work, briefing work through the system, billing clients, reconning the hours worked and managing client relationships.

But for some reason I was just not winning.

I then realised the importance of taking a break. It was not a sign that I was giving up on my career journey, but simply taking stock of what really happened and what I can do to prevent it from happening again.

It was at that time that I had to find myself again to prevent me from feeling overwhelmed. It’s amazing how most of my peers within the advertising industry hardly give themselves time to pause or go on leave. I’m one of them.

I totally agree that the industry tends to be performance-driven and extremely fast-paced.

It is often said that working yourself to exhaustion will not get you any closer to achieving your goals.

One of the best lessons I learnt while on the journey of finding my new-found love for Advertising, is doing everything I can to make sure I control the environment – especially when engaging with clients. I’ve also learnt not to react to everything that clients throws at client service, but to respond systematically after calming down.

That is the true fight back. Staying positive. Being impactful and finding a happy place.