AD-Corner @Brave Group

AD-Corner @Brave Group

Tips for winning an ad agency pitch

The South African advertising industry uses a pitch process in order to allow ad agencies to submit their marketing strategy proposals to a potential client.  
In essence, the bidding ad agencies pitch work vigorously in order to sell their strategy and creative thinking.

So what makes an agency win a pitch over other potential bidding agencies?

  1. Research the request for proposal (RFP). This is vital to determine if the agency should pursue the pitch in the first place bearing in mind it can be an expensive task.
  2. Agency resources. Find out if the agency has the right resources to offer a fully integrated service – including the right skills, experience. These days clients seek an all-around resource with a challenger mindset. 
  3. Culture and compatibility. Clients seek agencies that can understand their brand and can work in a fast-paced and collaborative environment.
  4. Creative Mindset. Clients seek creatives that can execute an engaging campaign that can execute a brief from inception all the way to final execution.
  5. Solid Strategy. Take the potential client on a strategy journey highlighting their business objectives, strengths, weaknesses, and competitors.
  6. Scope of Work. Clients seek agencies that can executive campaigns within the proposed budget.
  7. Present the work. Ultimately the agency is given the opportunity to present their work and hopefully land the account.

The above are not cast in stone tips for winning an advertising pitch. The information simply provides a solid foundation for pursuing a brand new business opportunity. 

Bontle Moeng
Is a Digital Account Manager at Motherboard.
She writes in her personal capacity.